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Six Dead After Private Plane in Wisconsin Crashes

A private plane that took off from Chicago Saturday morning carrying six people crashed in a Wisconsin forest, killing all on board, officials said.

The Price County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident at 3:21 a.m. Saturday after the Air Marine Operations Center “lost contact with an aircraft in the area,” according to spokesman Lt.Gabe Lind.

“It had dropped in altitude and they lost radio contact,” Lind said.

The pilot of the Cessna 421 was discussing a “local weather phenomenon” with air traffic controllers shortly before the crash, according to National Transportation Safety Board investigators.

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly why the plane fell from the sky. No additional details on the “weather phenomenon” mentioned by the pilot were disclosed.

The pilot was certified to fly the plane, which was en route to Canada for a fishing trip.

Authorities immediately dispatched two deputies to the plane’s last known location after air traffic controllers reported the loss of contact.

“They found a debris field right there on the state highway,” Lind said.

An unnamed pilot volunteered to put his helicopter in the air to help police locate the main crash site. It didn’t take long for the pilot to spot the main area of the wreckage about 400 to 500 yards away from the highway in the forest, according to Lind.

“I couldn’t even tell you his name if I wanted to, but he jumped at the chance, and it was very instrumental in locating the wreckage quickly,” Lind said.

Authorities said it was clear after the fuselage was located that there were no survivors. The remains of six adults were found, but authorities have not yet disclosed the identities of the victims.

“At first obviously it was a rescue operation, and then when we found and got to the main part of the plane, obviously we saw that there were no survivors, and then it became a recovery operation,” Lind said.

Tioga Elementary School in Bensenville, Ill., announced in a Facebook post that two of the victims were employed by the school.

Thomas DeMauro, a physical education teacher, and Charles Tomlitz, the school district’s maintenance director, were identified by the school’s co-principals as two of the victims.

“Mr. DeMauro and Mr. Tomlitz will be missed by all the Tioga community,” the co-principals wrote.