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Trump ‘ Sending in Federal Help’ to Fight ‘Epidemic’ Levels of Crime in Chicago

In a Friday morning tweet – that wasn’t him showing his dislike towards certain news hosts – President Donald Trump touched on the issue of escalating crime in the city of Chicago:

During an interview Friday morning on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway claimed that she had not yet had an opportunity to discuss the subject of the tweet with the president.

Trump, according to Conway, has discussed the issue with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, however.

She continued by saying of Trump:

“This is a man who said his first duty is the safety and security of all Americans. And if he can help, and give full force and effect as the president to communities that are suffering, they are suffering gang and crime and drug violence, then I know he will want to do that. He is here to help people.”

According to Reuters, there were more than 760 murders in 2016 in Chicago. This was an increase of almost 60 percent and was more than the number of murders in New York City and Los Angeles, combined.

According to the Chicago Police Department, however, the number of shootings in 2017 so far is down compared to last year.