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Body Cam Captures State Trooper’s Bravery as He Chases Rogue Horse

An Ohio State Highway Patrol officer gave no thought to his own safety Sunday when he was called to respond to a unique situation on Wooster, Ohio.

Sgt. C. Otis Smith and a group of other officers had to deal with a horse galloping the wrong way down the highway while pulling an empty buggy.

The scene was captured on the body camera worn by one of the officers.

“I hope you boys know something about horses,” one officer said.

As Smith approached the horse and buggy, he began yelling, “Whoa, whoa.”

When he realized the horse was not going to stop, Smith started chasing it on foot.

As he drew near the buggy, Smith grabbed the carriage, pulled himself aboard and used the reins to stop the horse.

Exhausted, the horse fell to the ground.

The Wooster Daily Record reported that the horse had been pulling the empty buggy for approximately 10 miles before Smith’s quick-thinking resolved the situation.

“You have that second when it goes by you and you grab hold (of the buggy) and jump on,” Smith said of his actions.

He told the Akron Beacon Journal he did not have time to consider the danger of being harmed by the horse and buggy.

“It didn’t go through my mind,” he said.

After a veterinarian checked the condition of the animal and deemed it to be in good health, it was returned to its owner.

In a Facebook post, the Wooster Police Department said, “Every new day brings with it new challenges.”

“I’m just glad it turned out OK,” Smith told The Daily Record. “That could have been a bigger incident with a 2,000-pound animal running in the wrong lane.”