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Acosta Argues with Spicer Over Camera-Less Presser: Cut the Theatrics, ‘There Are No Cameras on, Jim’

CNN’s Jim Acosta has engaged in a lone tirade since new rules regarding White House press briefings were implemented.

In an effort to stem the journalism spewed forth by the media, the White House pulled cameras from daily briefings in the hopes some progress could be made.

This did not sit well with Acosta – to say the least.

And on Monday, Acosta took his ongoing tantrum straight to Spicer during a tense camera-less briefing.

The exchange started when Acosta interrupted another reporter and tried to ask a second question.

“There are no cameras on, Jim,” Spicer said seemingly letting Acosta know he can put the theatrics aside.

“Maybe you should turn the cameras on, Sean,” Acosta fired back. “They’re in the room, the lights are on.”

The short clip was played on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” where Emily Tish Sussman, campaign director for the Center of American Progress, and Mercedes Schlapp, former spokeswoman for George W. Bush, took sides.

Sussman argued that the cameras “absolutely should be on,” and insisted the new rule was chipping away at freedom of the press. She then went on to say the people will not have “access to the President,” apparently forgetting that Trump speaks directly to the American people on a daily basis via social media.

Schlapp on the other hand, recognized what the briefings have become.

“I think what’s happened is, this press briefing has become this combative political theater,” Schlapp said. She added that it has become very difficult for the White House to set forth its message when there are reporters “with a very specific agenda” constantly interrupting.

Schlapp also noted that audio would still be available, so nothing is being kept from the American people.

Sussman fired back saying it’s the administration’s problem if they can’t control the message that’s being set forth.

The full exchange between Acosta and Spicer continued when the second journalist was finally able to speak and asked if the cameras would “be a new normal” that they should expect.

“We’ll see,” Spicer said. “We’ll continue to mix things up.”

All the while Acosta can be heard repeatedly harping about the cameras being off.

“Why are the cameras off Sean” Acosta continued.

“Some days we will have them,” Spicer said. “Some days we won’t.”

The full exchange can be heard below:

Later, Acosta took his antics to Twitter where he continued his tirade:

But, did he let it go there? No…

That’s right Jim, and the taxpayers want to have their taxes lowered. So, maybe if the media would get in line and stop this all out assault on President Trump his administration could get more done.

Then, Acosta tweeted a pic of his socks — something he did last week too.

Acosta admitted still pictures were allowed.

And look, Spicer seems to be pleased with the new arrangement!


Finally, Acosta made a lame attempt at trying to start a hashtag campaign over the issue:

To give you an idea on how that went, here’s was the first reply to Acosta over the hashtag:

Last week, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hilariously zapped Acosta for whining on Twitter about the new rules. He oughta watch it, she might be watching.

Jim Acosta has been a thorn in the administration’s side from the get-go. Below, Spicer talks to Lou Dobbs over Acosta’s disruptive behavior back in January. Perhaps, it’s time for Acosta to go away along with the cameras.