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Maxine Waters Has Bad Day When Black Pro-Trump Woman Explodes on Her! Then the Crowd…

A black female Trump supporter slammed Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, saying her pro-illegal immigration policies have destroyed the black community.

It happened outside a town hall meeting in California on Saturday. She trashed Waters, 78, as a “black racist” whose rhetoric and actions have caused African-American citizens to lose jobs to illegal aliens.

Nearby, another protester held up a sign that read: “Unemployment is 60% for blacks in sanctuary cities.” The woman shouted into a megaphone:

Maxine Waters destroyed the black community! She has to go! She’s paid taxpayer money to discriminate against American citizens. And we’re not going to have it! She’s been in office too long doing nothing!

She lied to the black community, saying she was going to bring us jobs. She gave those jobs to illegal criminals! We want her out! She’s been in office for too long! She’s already showing signs of dementia! She’s a hater!

The black Trump supporter said she’s disgusted that 13-term Congresswoman race-baits to gain support among blacks, whom she uses for votes and then callously ignores after they re-elect her.

People are tired with your hate and your racism! All the jobs went to illegals! You have destroyed the black community!

You are a black racist! You hate blacks! All the jobs went to illegals! You gave our jobs to illegals! We want you out!

The woman also said Maxine Waters should stop wasting time pursuing the “Trump-Russia” ruse, especially since she has her own Russian connections through shady investments in Russian companies.

As Waters left the town hall meeting, a round of boos and jeers rained down on her from voters. “Boo!! Racist James Brown!” one protester shouted. “Maxine’s gotta go! Feel that sh*t!”

Congresswoman Waters has hypocritically trashed President Trump for being “corrupt” while she has used her political position to help her daughter and husband pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.