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Mexico to Trump: American Drug Demand Leads to Cartel Violence

Mexico’s federal government is blaming American drug demand as a driving force behind cartel violence after President Trump tweeted about the nation’s crime rates this week.

The blaming was made during a public rebuke where the government claimed that a tweet by Trump highlighted the nation for being the second-deadliest country in the world, behind Syria.

The rebuke by the Mexican government once again forgot to account for the victims incinerated in ovens, 55-gallon drums, or buried in shallow graves by cartels.

The drama began shortly after Trump sent a tweet about Mexico where he stated that Mexico had been ranked as the second deadliest country in the world, behind Syria.

Trump’s tweet is based on the Armed Conflict Survey released last month by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. As Breitbart Texas reported, the survey accounted for 23,000 homicides in Mexico during 2016, highlighting cartel violence as the leading cause.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry (SRE) fired back a statement rebuking the presidential tweet. Instead of relying on current statistics, the Mexican government used statistics from 2014, indicated a more peaceful period.

SRE’s claim of “No Pasa Nada” (nothing is happening) comes two days after reports of The Mexican government showing May as the deadliest month in 20 years.

The response by the Mexican government also doesn’t address the number of cartel victims “disappeared,” only to be buried in shallow graves, incinerated or dissolved in acid.

According to Mexico’s SRE, the root cause for cartel violence is the U.S. demand for illegal drugs. The SRE calls for moving beyond finger-pointing and sharing responsibility.

The statement by the SRE makes no mention of the multiple governors, mayors, and other government officials indicted in U.S. courts for their roles as cartel surrogates. The statement also does not address the allegations that the Juarez Cartel funneled funds into Peña Nieto’s 2012 presidential bid.