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CNN Forced to Cut Away from White House Press Room Due to Broadcast Briefing Ban

For the second time this week, the White House elected to ban the press briefing for broadcast.

Originally, it was announced that the use of recording devices by reporters was also banned; however, the White House later walked back that decision and said audio recordings could be published after broadcast.

CNN was covering the White House Briefing Room live up until White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took to the podium.

At that point, it was forced to cut the feed.

News anchor Wolf Blitzer noted that Thursday’s briefing is particularly significant because of the recent report that President Donald Trump does not have recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey, as the president had originally suggested.

Additionally, Blitzer noted that with a video broadcast, the American people are denied viewing the statements coming directly from the White House regarding the president’s reaction to the Senate health care bill that was released Thursday morning.

Earlier this week, the White House hosted a press briefing with similar rules.

Afterward, CNN’s Jim Acosta explained why he believes this is a problem for the American people’s access to view what their government is doing.