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Former Florida Senator Applauds Trump’s Cuba Policy Says it was ‘A Move in the Right Direction’

In a recent interview with MSNBC, anchors Stephanie Rhuhle ad Ali Velshi sat down with former Florida Sen. Mel Martinez and questioned the former chairman of the RNC over his support of President Donald Trump’s new policy concerning Cuba.

According to reports, Trump enforced restrictions on former President Barack Obama’s travel policy to the country.

During the interview, Martinez insisted that Trump’s decision will enhance the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba not harm it:

“What they’re doing is enhancing the opportunity to do business with Cubans. Not with the Cuban military, not with the Cuban government, not with the means of repression to the Cuban people, but to do business with those that can be empowered by the opportunity to make a living by trading with the United States or hosting someone at their home as a part of the Airbnb type.”

Martinez then went on to say that Obama’s policy did not benefit both the U.S. and Cuba, saying:

“President Obama’s policy with Cuba was a one-sided affair, there was no give and take.”

After Martinez’s opening comments, he found himself going back and forth with Ruhle and Velshi, who both seemed to be hesitant of Trump’s possible revisions.