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Florida Billboards Appear to be Pro-Trump, But Wait Until You Take a Closer Look

A billboard at first glance seems to be a promotion of President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, but upon closer examination, it promotes diversity and Islam.

It first appeared in the Tampa area and has now made its appearance on I-95 in the Fort Lauderdale area. It says, “Make America Great.”

Beneath that, it says, “With Love, compassion and mercy.” It states at the very bottom that the billboard’s message was sponsored by WhyIslam.org.

“Making America great doesn’t mean we all have to be the same. No, it’s the diversity that makes us so great,” said Aida Mackic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, according to CBS News Miami.

The signs will stay up until June 24 – the last week of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.

It’s not just Florida that has seen an influx of the billboards. The Miami Herald reported:

Thirty similar billboards have been plastered across the country this year as a part of an educational campaign, according to the Florida branch of the Islamic Circle of North America, a volunteer-based organization that sponsored the signs.

The billboard, located on southbound I-95, features a link to WhyIslam.com, a website that features information on Islam and a toll-free number for those interested in asking questions about the faith.

The signs were placed in response to Trump’s temporary travel ban on immigration from various Muslim-dominate countries where the ability to vet refugees ranges from difficult to impossible.

“Everyone in our nation is making America great when we all work together to serve neighbors and solve our problems,” ICNA Florida spokesman Abdulrauf Khan said in a statement released Saturday.

The signs may also have been made to counter those things that Muslim fundamentalists have become infamous for. violence, intolerance and honor killings.