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‘Give Me a Break!’ Martha MacCallum Shuts Down Claims of Kamala Harris Being a Victim of Sexism

Fox News host Martha MacCallum completely dismissed claims that sexism was behind the admonishment of a California Democrat after her refusal to give witnesses time to answer questions posed on them.

Sen. Kamala Harris habitually asked rapid-fire questions of committee witnesses before they finish answering her previous questions. The most recent example occurred Tuesday during her examination of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Harris took to Twitter and played the sexism card after she was cautioned to allow the witness to answer.

She included a link to her campaign fundraising page, of course.

Was it a case of sexism or a matter of Senate decorum? That was the question MacCallum posed of Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Democratic pollster Jessica Tarlov Wednesday.

Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, admitted that although there are instances when members of Congress have to move testimony of witnesses along, in Kamala’s case it cold possibly “be construed as disrespectful.”

“If every time I have felt… diminished in some way, I never would have finished a conversation… or got a bill passed,” Blackburn said.

Tarlov countered that in the attorney general’s case, it wasn’t so much a case of disrespect but rather that “Sessions was not prepared for that question.”

MacCallum brought back the topic of claims of sexism.

“That’s exactly what bothers me about this whole argument,” she began. “Male, female- You know there’s so much in this country now about- we don’t want anything to be gender, but as soon as someone gets pushed back, their gut place to go often is ‘oh now I’m being punished because I’m a woman.’”

She concluded, “Give me a break!”