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GOP Rep. Says Media is ‘Complicit’ in ‘Hateful Rhetoric’ Behind Politically Charged Attacks

Rep. Jack Bergman (R-Mich.) seemed to blame the media, at least partially, on Wednesday for prompting attacks like the one committed against Congressional Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia.

“I think the media’s complicit if they keep inciting as opposed to informing,” Bergman told Fox News host Melissa Francis on “America’s News Headquarters.” After saying that “hateful rhetoric … served a negative purpose” on Wednesday, Bergman launched into a criticism of media coverage, which he suggested tends to inflame controversy rather than alleviate it.

“Unfortunately — and I’m looking at all the media in the eye when I say this — friendships and cordial relationships don’t make good news,” Bergman said.

Francis challenged Bergman, asking him if the media should just not report on hateful comments. Bergman responded that journalists should report on those types of comments, but should think about how the reporting might be perceived by others.