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‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Gets Burqa – Rebel Reporter Assaulted for It, But Says She’s Targeting de Blasio Next

“Fearless Girl” got some unexpected attire Sunday.

The statue, erected opposite the famed Wall Street charging bull, has been the subject of ridicule since it was erected in March. The Rebel’s Laura Loomer, however, used it to show that there is no such thing as an Islamic feminist.

From the reaction of at least two observers, her point was made loud and clear. When Loomer began placing a burqa on “Fearless girl,” a man rushed up and removed it. It was quickly retrieved, however, and placed on the statue. Another could be heard shouting “F**k you!” and a man argued with Loomer as she set about her work.

In many Muslim-dominate countries, women are treated as second-class citizens, lacking the right to vote, hold public office, drive an automobile or leave the home unless accompanied by a male relative. The forced wearing of the burqa by women, however, has become the most visible symbol of their second-class status.

Activist Linda Sarsour calls herself a Muslim feminist, but she has to twist the English so much to prove her point that even liberal rocker Courtney Love calls her a “fraud.”

Warning for graphic language:

Loomer posted a suggestion for her next assault on the Big Apple.