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Another Federal Curt Keeps Travel Ban on Hold

In another setback to President Donald Trump’s travel ban, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to keep the travel ban on hold. This is the second court to rule against the legality of the president’s travel ban.

The travel ban that’s currently being reviewed is the rewritten version of the Trump administration’s first attempt. While Trump has shown to be displeased with having to rewrite the ban, the new copy had a better chance of standing up in the courts.

Last week, President Trump tweeted:

Until that point, the Department of Justice was arguing that the president’s police was not a ban, but rather a measure of extreme vetting.

In its ruling, the 9th Circuit cited the president’s tweet as well as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s answer to a reporter that the president’s tweets are official statements.

When the first ruling against the travel ban came down, the president said the administration would appeal to the Supreme Court. This second ruling only makes the legal strategy for the administration more difficult.

CNN reports that while the travel ban is on hold, the government is allowed to review vetting procedures for individuals coming into the United States.