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Lindsey Graham: ‘To Any Republican Who Believes Russia Didn’t Do It: You’re Wrong’

On Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” and it seemed as if his goal was to give his idea of a reality check to both major political parties.

Graham made it clear he felt that Republicans need to come to terms with the reality of Russian meddling and Democrats need to admit evidence of Russian collusion with President Trump is lacking.

“To any Republican who believes Russia didn’t do it: You’re wrong,” he said. “To any Democrat who wants to impeach President Trump because of Russia: You’re wrong.”

Graham did, however, take a bit sterner of a tone as he pivoted comparing the media to a lynch mob when telling President Trump to lay off tweeting.

“All I can say is there’s a lynch mob mentality about the Trump administration in the press,” he said. “They’re about as fair as a lynch mob, but these tweets that he does feeds that lynch mob. You’re your own worst enemy here. Knock it off.”

Earlier, Graham said that one of the main reasons that he believes that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia is “the way he behaves,” but he did not clearly what he meant by that.