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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Gets the Boot from a Press Event at the State Department

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was not having a good morning at the State Department. She got ignored by the secretary of state and then was escorted out of the room with everyone else. It does not seem that this was even a press conference, especially since one was scheduled that afternoon.

Andrea Mitchell opened the 12:00 pm, EST hour on MSNBC Tuesday by playing footage of State Department staffers preventing her from asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questions.

Mitchell is obviously unhappy with the Trump administration and with Rex Tillerson in particular. Before she and her colleagues get all self-righteous and start making claims about an inability of the press to have access members of President Trump’s team, she should notice that what is happening is that mainstream media outlets like MSNBC and CNN are being forced to share the available time with other members of the media – those who mainstream reporters do not consider to be their peers.

Mitchell’s frustration with the situation is obvious in these remarks of hers.

“This afternoon I’ll be at the first State Department briefing, the first in six weeks since the inaugural,” she continued. “An absence of public diplomacy not seen since 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower was president, when this tradition started of speaking out from the platform here at the State Department to the rest of the world.”

The media will have tons of access to the Trump administration, if for no other reason than that President Trump actually seems to enjoy the back and forth battle with the mainstream media. The First Amendment is still safe.