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Bill O’Reilly Goes to Twitter to Remind ‘Hysterical’ Media of Fact They’re Ignoring in Comey Story

Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host is taking to social media to share his thoughts.

Like his long-time friend, President Donald Trump, O’Reilly has turned to Twitter to communicate with fans and detractors alike. On Wednesday, prior to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he weighed in on the Trump-Russia investigation.

As The Blaze reported, O’Reilly posted a series of tweets to reiterate comments he made earlier in the day on BillOReilly.com.

He predicted that the “anti-Trump media” will use Comey’s testimony to further divide the country:

Following the Wednesday release of Comey’s opening statement prepared remarks, O’Reilly called media coverage “hysterical”:

There lies the question – and the basis of this debate. Did Trump attempt to obstruct justice by asking Comey about the investigation and sharing his feelings about it?

According to Ohio State University law professor Joshua Dressler, the legal definition of obstruction of justice is very specific:

“It requires proof that the person corruptly or by threat influences, impedes, or endeavors to influence or impede the due administration of justice. It doesn’t require proof that justice was obstructed — only that the person endeavored to influence or impede justice.”

“The [Michael] Flynn matter surely confirms that he wanted the investigation closed,” Dressler told Vox, “but it remains ambiguous whether Trump ‘endeavored’ to impede the investigation.”

Vox also reports that Jimmy Gurulé, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, sees it differently:

“It is difficult to construe President Trump’s statements on February 14 to former FBI Director Comey as anything other than a request to terminate the FBI investigation of Gen. Flynn for reasons other than the merits of the case.

This is an attempt to endeavor and influence the due administration of justice under the federal obstruction of justice statute.”

Speculation grew on Wednesday that Trump would live-tweet during Comey’s testimony, but White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would not be watching, telling reporters he was in for a busy day.

O’Reilly did say he would be tweeting during Comey’s appearance:

And tweeting he is, as of this post. A few examples:

CNN reported on Tuesday that Comey would testify that he never told Trump he wasn’t personally under investigation. “The most trust name in news” retracted the story, Wednesday.