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White House Staff Had No Idea Trump Was Picking New FBI Director Until They Saw Social Media

Reporters across the nation rushed to their computers after President Donald Trump announced the person he would be nominating as the next director of the FBI.

In Trump-like fashion, POTUS made his announcement public by posting this tweet Wednesday morning:

Being that the announcement comes after a long stretch of controversy surrounding former FBI director James Comey, one would assume there had been much deliberation over this decision within Trump’s staff as to whom he would choose – right?

Well, according to the  Daily Beast, the White House staff found out about Trump’s nomination of Wray at the same time as the rest of the Twitter world.

The Daily Beast writes that neither the White House’s top communications staff nor even senior White House employees had any idea the announcement was coming.

Trump didn’t even put out an official press release or fact sheet.

One official told the Daily Beast:

“We woke up to this. [Everyone in the White House] should all be used to this by now … This is how [Trump] operates.”

This is by no means the first time Trump left his team blind-sided with a major decision.

When Comey was originally fired, his press team was reportedly struggling to keep up with the news like the rest of the nation, Mediaite reported.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Trump’s tweet on the matter had received 16,213 retweets and 53,725 likes.