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Tucker Grills BLM Supporter After She Compares Whites to Children to Defend Blacks-Only Party

Racial tensions came to a head on Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” when a guest defended a blacks-only Memorial Day  party.

“You’re demented actually. You’re sick and what you’re saying is disgusting,” Tucker Carlson told political commentator Lisa Durden. Durden, who defended the celebration, just denied that she couldn’t celebrate with white people.

Carlson, however, seemed to interpret her arguments during the show to mean she and other black people couldn’t do that.

When Durden said it was okay for white people to attend Black Lives Matter events, Carlson asked if black people in attendance used the same water fountains as white attendees.

“Do you use the same water fountain that they do?” Carlson asked.

Durden defended the blacks-only event, decrying America as a “racist country” where blacks are not celebrated but whites, she suggested, constantly are:

“White folks crack me up. All of a sudden, when we want to have one day for black folks to focus on ourselves but you’ve been having white days forever. You don’t say the words anymore because you know it’s politically incorrect.”

She denounced the Oscars and movies and television shows for excluding black people.

Carlson suggested that Durden’s justification during the segment was offensive and that it gave credence to attacking people based on their skin color. “It’s not an attack,” Durden responded, before comparing the party to a wedding that excludes children out of fear that some wold misbehave:

“It’s not an attack. I’m stating the facts. People give weddings where they exclude children. It doesn’t mean they don’t like children. They don’t know if your kids are going to be monsters and those kids are going to be well-behaved. So in that same vein, Black Lives Matter decided to have one day where they didn’t want white folks who were going to be off the rails.”

Durden also had a message for the white people complaining that the party resembled racism:

“What I say to that is ‘Boo-hoo-hoo!’ You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter’s all-black Memorial [Day] celebration.”