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Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Trades Blows with Scarborough on Climate Change: ‘I Want It to Stop’

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough desperately wants to know if President Donald Trump believes in climate change. In order to get the answer, Scarborough placed EPA Chief Scott Pruitt in his sights Tuesday morning.

The interview grew tense when Scarborough shot a difficult question:

“Mr. Pruitt, it’s a simple question. Have you ever talked to the president about whether he believes climate change is real? Does he still believe it was a hoax launched in China? Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Here is the tweet Scarborough was referring to back in 2012:

While Pruitt did discuss the merits of the Paris Accord, he was struggling to answer Scarborough’s question:

“The president has indicated the climate is changing. […] There’s a human contribution to it. Measuring that with real precision is very difficult.”