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Judge who Blocked Trump’s Sanctuary City Police Raised $200,000 for Obama

Liberal judges with conflicts of interest keep blocking Donald Trump’s immigration agenda. A judge with financial ties to Barack Obama halted Trump’s plan to fight against sanctuary cities.

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump’s attempt to withhold funding from “sanctuary cities” that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials, saying the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued the preliminary injunction in two lawsuits – one brought by the city of San Francisco, the other by Santa Clara County – against an executive order targeting communities that protect immigrants from deportation.

The injunction will stay in place while the lawsuits work their way through court.

The judge rejected the administration’s argument that the executive order applies only to a relatively small pot of money and said Trump cannot set new conditions on spending approved by Congress.

“Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the president disapproves,” the judge said.

It was the third major setback for the administration on immigration policy. The Justice Department had no immediate comment.

But the “setback” shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Orrick’s past. In 2012, the judge served as a campaign bundler for Barack Obama, raising $200,000 for his presidential campaign. His wife is also politically active: