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White House Press Corps Asks Sarah Sanders: Where is Sean Spicer?

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders  filled in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer Thursday. While Sanders has filed in for Spicer before, in the past there has been a reason for it – such as  Spicer traveling with the president or being away for naval reserve training.

However, during Monday’s briefing with the White House Press Corps, there was not a definitive answer as to why Spicer was absent for the on-camera briefing. National urban Radio’s April Ryan asked Sanders about Spicer’s whereabouts.

“Where is Sean [Spicer],” Ryan asked. “He’s here today,” Sanders responded.

Ryan followed up, “Why didn’t he come out?”

Sanders answered, “This is a part of my job as well. Did you guys ever ask any of the other deputy press secretaries when they filled in?”

Cries of “Yes!” and “We asked them all” could be heard throughout the room from numerous different reporters.

Sanders informed reporters that Spicer will be taking on additional responsibilities as the White House does not have a communications director because of the recent resignation of Mike Dubke.

According to Sanders, Spicer’s position is now “upgraded.” Ryan asked if that means that reporters can expect to be seeing Sanders more frequently, to which Sanders replied. “I’m just filling in for the day, April.”

It was been widely reported in recent weeks that the White House is considering replacing Spicer as press secretary. Additionally, it has been speculated that President Donald Trump is considering canceling the daily press briefings completely because “it is not possibly for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!…”