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Rosie O’Donnell Disgustingly Slams Barron Trump on Social Media

Perhaps the saddest reaction to Kathy Griffin’s photo of her holding what appeared to be President Donald Trump’s severed head, came from his son, Barron.

The 11-year-old reportedly saw the image while watching television and went running to his mom, Melania, thinking it was real and that something horrible had happened to his father.

You’d think even the most heartless person would be disturbed at the thought of a child believing that their father was killed, regardless of political views, but liberal Rosie O’Donnell disgusting used Barron’s reaction to attack the president.

In response to journalist Liz Wheeler’s tweet about Barron’s reaction to Griffin’s photo, O’Donnell asked whether he had also seen anything about the two passengers aboard a Portland, Oregon, commuter train who were stabbed to death after they tried to stop someone from harassing two women who appeared to be Muslim.

O’Donnell also blamed the attack on Trump.

“(D)o you think he saw anything about these 2 heroic men who died defending young girls?” she wrote, attaching a photo of the deceased men. “Hatred promoted by his father?”

Attack a child for his reaction to what he believed to be his father’s death by suggesting that he wasn’t “upset enough” about another horrible situation is low, even for Rosie.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time the liberal made an inappropriate comment about Barron.

In November 2016, O’Donnell suggested on Twitter that Barron Trump was autistic.

“Barron Trump Autistic?” she wrote, sharing a link to a video of the child.

O’Donnell came under fire for the statement, and to make things worse, actually dug in her heels until Melania threatened to sue her. It was only then until she apologized and backed off.

Children are always off-limits when it comes to political mudslinging, but it seems that Rosie has forgotten about that.