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MSNBC Anchor’s Concern After Another London Terrorist Attack: ‘Overreaction’ by the Police

As events unfolded in London after the latest terror attack, MSNBC anchor Richard Lui shared one of his concerns with law enforcement analyst Jim Cavanaugh: law enforcement and other officials “overreacting” to terrorism.

Lui asked Cavanaugh if there’s a risk in deploying too much force:

“When you have analyzed these incidents post facto, as well as during, as you have so many times […] what is the risk, there’s certainly a risk of under-reaction, but is there any risk of overreaction, of deploying too much?

You know, as we’ve been watching all of this live coming into our satellite center here in New York City and then beaming it out from London, is there ever a point where you go, ‘Well, that’s too much,’ or ‘You shouldn’t be applying that amount of force there.'”

Cavanaugh answered his question deftly:

“When there’s multiple attacks, really I don’t think the response can be too large, to get enough officers and investigators there to quickly quell it and then find out what’s going on. It’s really not a question of too many officers.

It’s a question of using them adequately, smartly, getting all the help you can get.”

Coming just 11 days after the Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22, Prime Minister May said of the latest attack that killed seven: “enough is enough.”