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Maxine Waters Pushes Reporter; Here’s What Set Her Off…

Michael Tracy, a correspondent with The Young Turks, a very liberal outlet, was interviewing Maxine Waters and appeared to upset her when he asked her if former President Barack Obama was mistaken “to forge military cooperating with Russia in Syria.”

With that, Waters, once called one of the most corrupt members of Congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, showed what she is all about.

“Look, you and I have a different agenda, young man,” she replied. “I’m out to impeach this President – get that straight. I’m out to impeach the President. I’m not gonna be diverted by people who are Obama haters.”

The cameraman with Tracy, identified as Ty, also weighed in on what happened and how it could be described.

“I think that was the wrong way to handle what she did, regardless of how you feel about Barack,” Ty said. “I think Barack is ‘Black Jesus’ too, but still, you can’t do that.”

After the incident, Tracy took to social media to comment on the “erratic, intemperate behavior” of the Democratic lawmaker.

He initially referred to the contact as a shove, but then added further clarification.

And as the attention to the incident increased, he released a statement that made it clear that Waters “initiated unwanted physical contact,” adding that to call it a “push” would be an accurate description.