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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Suddenly Backtracks Statement after Calling Trump’s Tweets ‘Sad’

On Monday, George Conway, husband of White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, criticized President Trump’s tweets about the “travel ban,” calling them “sad.”

After a huge response from social media, Conway returned to Twitter to post a series of tweets in an attempt to backtrack his original tweet in regards to the president.

Last week, Conway withdrew from consideration for a position t the Department of Justice. According to Time Magazine, Conway thanked Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for “selecting me to serve in the Department of Justice.” But said he had decided that “for me and my family” it was not the right time to leave the private sector.

Conway has stayed relatively silent throughout the campaign and the administration’s tenure so far. Before today, Conway’s last tweet (excluding retweets) dated back to July 2014 when he posted about baseball. However, today Conway has posed several times and cited the article below by The Washington Post as a “good analysis” of Trump’s tweets regarding the travel ban.

The article by The Washington Post describes why Trump’s tweets on the travel ban could significantly hurt his administration.