Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Trump Surrogate Calls for Americans to Stand Up Against Media Out to ‘Nullify an Election’

Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie called out the mainstream media Tuesday on “Fox and Friends”for wanting to bring down the Trump White House and void the election.

“The mainstream media is in to destroy this presidency, and for the first time nullify an election,” he said.

Bossie added that when the Republicans win elections, they become complacent and allow the media to tarnish their agenda. He called the effort by news outlets a “permanent obstruction campaign,” that no other president has ever faced in history.

He described the media’s determination to bring down President Donald Trump as unprecedented and targeted.

Bossie encouraged the American people to say enough and reject the concept of “the celebrity press conference.” He claimed this is a recent dynamic that the American public isn’t used to seeing, and believes it is damaging the political process.

Bossie ended by saying that the White House shouldn’t cancel its daily press briefings, but should work to find other ways to combat the daily criticism and bias of the mainstream media.