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Footage of Unwilling Teen Jihadi Crying Before Blowing Himself Further Reveals the Evils of ISIS

For those practicing radical Islam, the greatest glory is to take your own life while taking out as many innocents as you can.

Here is an example, the video below follows the final moments of a reluctant teenage suicide bomber who burst into tears when ordered to blow himself up during an attack on a village.

Despite declaring is fear of dying, Uzbek national Jafar al-Tayyar is told to drive an armored vehicle packed with explosives into the besieged villages of Fua and Kafriyeh. Of course, the older gentlemen who ordered him to do so would have never taken the job themselves.

Moments later, Tayyar drives off into the distance and destroys himself, sending a huge mushroom cloud into the air. His fellow jihadis in the Uzbek-led Imam Bukhari Jamaat group – then storm the villages’ remaining defense to kill off the surviving casualties.