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Unidentified Object Flies Over DMZ, South Korean Troops Unleash Fire

South Korea isn’t going to allow North Korea to threaten its people. After North Korea launched an unidentified object into their neighbor’s territory, the nation responded with force.

Via Conservative Tribune:

According to Newsmax, the incident occurred on Tuesday, May 23. Some media outlets speculated that the object might have been a drone. But South Korean officials didn’t care what it was — they immediately sent a military warning to North Korea.

Fox News reported that in response to the incident, South Korea fired 90 machine gun rounds toward the North Korean border. But they didn’t stop there. South Korean officials then launched air surveillance to make sure their adversaries understood the consequences of their actions.

BBC News reports that South Korea’s military isn’t letting up. In a statement, the country’s leaders promised to “maintain high vigilance” after the incident.

This comes after a May 22 gathering of the UN Security Council, during which members agreed to “take further significant measures including sanctions” to force North Korea to stop its “highly destabilizing behavior.”

North Korea recently announced its ability to produce long-range drones. Although it is not confirmed, the theory that the “unidentified object” in South Korea was a drone may very well be true.

The country, led by Kim Jong-un, continues to increase its nuclear missile tests in an effort to tout military prowess and defy calls to cease its tests.