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Real-Life ‘Wonder Woman’ Wrestles Back What’s Hers from Carjacker

A Wisconsin woman who stopped to get gas suddenly realized that a thief had gotten into her car with the intent of stealing it.

In response, she flung herself onto the hood of vehicle to stop the criminal.

But that is just the start of the “Wonder Woman-like” efforts from Melissa Marian, who posted a video of the encounter on Facebook.

As she explained, Marian had enough of teens committing crimes like this for fun and wasn’t going to be another victim.

“I know my reaction was not the smartest nor safest but it was my instinct reaction,” she wrote.

The car thief knew it wasn’t a good idea to race down the street with a woman draped across the hood, so he jumped out of the vehicle…leaving it in gear.

The car rolled into the highway with Marian still on the hood, but it wasn’t for long. She quickly jumped from the moving vehicle and climbed inside to stop it.

“These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car,” Marion said. “They did make away with my purse, iPhone, and wallet.”

Watch the footage below: