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News Station Defends ‘Peaceful’ Muslim Interview After Manchester Attack

UK’s Channel 4 News temporarily removed a video from its website after realizing it didn’t meat the peaceful Islam narrative it was trying to push.

Reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviewed a group of Muslims in Manchester to get their responses to the terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert that took the lives of 22.

The group condemned the bombing and discussed what both Muslims and the community-at-large could do to stop further attacks.

All the right words were said, but it was the word one woman’s shirt had that caused many to believe that her message of peace was a lie.

The woman, who claimed to have attended a vigil for victims, had the word “LOVE” written across the front. But the “love” was written with the “L” as a handgun, the “O” as a grenade, the “V” as two knives crossed and the “E” as a machine gun.

The news station temporarily removed the video, but placed it back on the website after she told them that the shirt was a message of anti-violence.

Channel 4 gave the following explanation:

The image was made famous in 2013 when the singer Jennifer Hudson was pictured wearing a very similar design, which spelled out the word “love” in guns and other weapons. She told fans “it’s time to turn all of that into this LOVE”.