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Libs and Media Furious Over ‘Body-Slammed’ Journalist Find Convenient Fall Guy and Attack!

Social media has been caught in a whirlwind after a Montana congressional candidate allegedly body slammed a reporter Wednesday night, a few hours before the polls open for a special election.

But it’s who the left is blaming that has many people confused.

Audio was released that appears to indicate an altercation between Republican U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte and Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Although some scuffling and shouting can be heard, Gianforte denies that he body-slammed Jacobs.

After the event the reporter tweeted:

Although the reporter didn’t sound distressed after the disturbance, BuzzFeed’s Blake Montgomery reported that the full range of first responders were called to the scene – fire, ambulance and law enforcement.

Montgomery added that the extent of Jacobs’ injuries – if any – were unknown, and that police were calling it an “ongoing investigation.” Nevertheless, people were ready to string Gianforte up.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take any time for people on social media – and even major networks – to blame the incident on President Trump.

A few months ago, the Montana special election, held to replace former Rep. Ryan Zinke after his appointment as Interior Secretary, appeared to be a shoe-in for the Republican Party.

It now appears to be a real nail-biter causing GOP leaders to hold their breath.