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Hospice Worker Uncovers Sexual Abuse of 95-Year-Old Patient – You Won’t Believe What Happens When She Reports It

Nina Robinson, a Los Angeles hospice worker, had a simple reason for taking action for a horrible crime she witnessed:

“I could not allow him to do that to her.”

Robinson told KTLA that she recently started suspecting that one of her patients, a 95-year-old woman suffering from dementia, was being sexually assaulted by a distant relative – a nephew by marriage.

On May 5, she decided to leave her cellphone in the patient’s room to record one of his visits.

The video proved Robinson’s worst fear.

KTLA reported that the man – who has not been charged as of writing this report -leaned down and whispered in the elder woman’s ear that he wanted to “make love.”

Robinson told KTLA that she came into the room 20 minutes after she left her phone:

“I walked in the room. He didn’t see me. And the position he was standing in told me he was doing something wrong.”

Within hours, she reported the video to her supervisor, Annetta Sparks, who is also the owner of the hospice.

Naturally, Robinson said Sparks was “floored” – however, she then reportedly fired Robinson for leaving her patient alone in the first place, alleging negligence.

Robinson is now filing a wrongful termination suit against the company. Her attorney, Dominique Westermoreland, told KTLA:

“The hero should not be fired in this situation when your helping your patient that you’re caring for.”

According to Robinson, Sparks felt the allegations would be bad for the hospice’s image.

However, Sparks denied terminating Robinson and told KTLA that the proper steps were taken, alerting both protective services and the Los Angeles Police Department:

“The suspect did something terribly wrong and is no longer allowed around the patient. We contacted the proper authorities in this matter.”

Although the patient is obviously better off after Robinson’s act, Robinson told KTLA she wants the man behind bars and Sparks “to be removed” from caring for the hospice patients.