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Dems’ Secret Plans to ‘Kick Trump’s Ass’ Was Uncovered, Take a Look at How Well the Plan is Working

In January, before Donald Trump took office, the founder of Media Mattes for America, Shareblue, and other groups revealed secret plans to “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”

Politico reported that MMFA’s chief David Brock invited some of the highest rollers in the Democratic Party — George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Donald Sussman — to the chi chi Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida, to war-game their way back to power.

The Washington Free Beacon managed to get inside and obtain a copy of Brock’s 49-page plan to politically batter and bruise the new president and take back the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Brock had jobs for each of his media entities in a multiple-front offensive that included going after Facebook and Google over allowing “fake news,” “attacking” any entity for “normalizing” the president, talking up “impeachment” of Trump, and keeping up the pressure to link Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a “campaign to stop him [that] must be non stop.”

Reportedly, the cost of the effort was $40 million, which would be spent over the next four years.

The plan assigned Media Matters for America to “expose and discredit” what the leftist group described as “serial misinformers” in the country’s “information ecosystem.”

Those “serial misinformers” included right-wing talk radio, Fox News, Judicial Watch, the Koch Brothers, the Media Research Center and others.

Brock’s document brags about millions spent on multiple war rooms to counter the right’s narrative in order to “free ourselves from relying solely on the press.”

His group called American Bridge was tasked with looking for dirt:

American Bridge will cement itself as the standard bearer for opposition research, build on its role as a progressive clearinghouse for information that drives the narrative on Republican office holders and candidates and be at the epicenter of the Democrats’ work to regain power …

Our purpose is to keep Donald Trump unpopular and make it more difficult for candidates who support him to get elected in 2018.

Another group, CREW, would be in charge of bringing lawsuits to slow down the Trump administration.

Brock’s document highlights its success in convincing Facebook and Google from disseminating “fake news,” boasting it is “in a unique position to fix problems in this part of the media landscape” and bragging it had “secured raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites” to fix it.

Brock’s Shareblue “digital attacker” juggernaut would replace “fake news” by putting out its own messaging that would hit at a “personal and emotional level” because “messaging based solely on facts doesn’t resonate with a broad audience.”

Brock took a victory lap for their recent successes:


  • How Facebook and Google “responded to our campaign” against their definition of fake news.
  • Getting Breitbart News’s media credentials to cover the U.S. Senate removed.
  • “Educating” media all over the world about Breitbart while setting up Shareblue the “antidote” to Breitbart.
  • Getting Glenn Beck off cable news.
  • For “disrupting Rupert Murdoch’s [Fox News] Time Warner expansion.”
  • Driving media “coverage that led to Trump entering office as the least popular president-elect in modern history.”
  • “Derailing Rudy Giuliani’s cabinet nomination.”
  • Defeating Sen. Richard Lugar by propping up his Republican primary opponent.
  • “Driving up Koch brothers negatives.”
  • For claiming that “Trump’s white nationalism [is] his political strategy.”

The group’s document also bragged about its “deeper grass roots bench [which] also means that Media Matters will be better positioned to win corporate pressure campaigns.”

So with all of their goals, how is the group performing? Here is a list of their latest “victories”:


  • The group planned to fan the flames of the Trump-Putin alleged “collusion” to the extent that a special counsel has been named to investigate.
  • Trump has had to lawyer-up to navigate the potential criminal implications.
  • Protesters picketed Fox News against Bill O’Reilly and led a “corporate pressure campaign” to scare off his advertisers.
  • Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News.
  • Steve Bannon, formerly executive chairman of Breitbart, was the subject of multiple stories about how he was was being pressured to leave his White House adviser job.
  • The group vowed to get Trump out of office by “impeachment,” which has been in the news recently.

And now Sean Hannity says he is a target of the same group:

Hannity believes he is being targeted by Media Matters for his coverage of the DNC computer worker Seth Rich, who was murdered. There have been reports that Rich had an alleged connection with WikiLeaks, a story retracted by  Fox News and is being called fake news by the Washington Post and Brock’s group.

The group offered up a list of Hannity’s advertisers to call and complain to:

Hannity took to Twitter to talk about it:

With the way things have been going so far, it seems like the group is well on its way to even more “success.”