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Camera Catches Man Drag Woman Down Stairwell Before Attempting Sexual Assault – He’s Still on the Loose!

A man believed to be a sexual predator was caught on surveillance trying to rape a 26-year-old California woman.

…but somehow got away.

The Santa Ana Police Department is asking the public to identify the man seen preying on the intoxicated woman this past weekend, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Video footage released by the police show an adult Latino man dressed in blue jeans, a plaid shirt and black sneakers trailing the woman as she goes into the building looking for a restroom.

The man follows the intoxicated woman, accosting her on a stairwell before he dragged her to the bathroom and forcefully “removed her clothing and attempted to sexually assault her,” police say.

The woman was fortunately able to fight off her attacker.

“In my opinion he targeted her and we believe he’s a sexual predator,” Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for Santa Ana police, told The Times. “He may have done it in the past.”

The assault can be seen in the video below:

Warning: Disturbing Content