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A NATO Summit, Trump Took His ‘America First’ Policy to Next Level – For the Entire World to See

President Donald Trump was not joking when he came up with his “America first” policy.

While meeting with world leaders in Brussels for a much anticipated NATO summit on Thursday. Trump was seen on video seemingly shoving Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic out of the way to get to the front of the group of world leaders. At least it looked that way to many.

A White House official weighed in on the incident a short while later, saying it appears that Trump was slapping the Montenegro prime minister on the arm as a “casual greeting,” as he has done with many world leaders.

While the media will obviously make a lot out of the “shove,” they are likely forgetting that many of Trump’s supporters like the president’s rather brash display of American dominance. It’s why his voters liked his “America first” policy in the first place.

Here are some reactions:

Of course, the reactions, as always, were mixed: