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Mexican Government Threatens U.S. Over Border Wall

For many Mexican people, a way of life isn’t in their home country, but in the United States of America. That’s why it isn’t unusual to hear the latest comments of the Mexican government which call into question all of America’s border enforcement and immigration laws.

Mexican officials vow that they will never pay for the border wall, nor allow its construction because they intend to fight through lawsuits in U.S. courts and on the global stage.

Foreign secretary, Luis Videgaray, has warned the United States that they will use every power they have to block the wall and are willing to charge us with Mexican human rights violations.

Comparing our government and its people to Nazis, Videgaray states that Mexico will neither directly nor through any tax remittances pay for the wall.

But we should not forget that immigration law in Mexico is far and away more restrictive than anything on the books in the U.S. It is intellectual dishonesty for this official to pretend that the United States is the only nation on the planet to have stringent immigration laws.

The scope of this statement by the foreign secretary comes down to a very large issue on the docket of the Mexican government. Just a few days ago,  Canada was hit with a lumber import tariff as an opening strike to nations trading unfairly with the United States.

Part of Trump’s promise was to renegotiate these treaties that were not beneficial to the nation. Trump has vowed to fix these disparities quickly upon assuming office. A few days ago, a statement went out from Washington that the chances of the U.S. pulling out of NAFTA was real.

This is what the rhetoric for the Mexicans boils down to: they don’t want to lose their economic advantages through a re-negotiation or deletion of NAFTA.