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Manchester Bomb was a Known Threat, Neighbors Called Him ‘The Face of Hate’ – Three More Suspects Arrested

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi supported ISIS and was called the “face of hate” by some neighbors.

Abedi, who was born in England to Muslim refugees from Libya, recently returned from a three-week trip to ISIS hotbeds Syria and Libya, says fficials.

Abedi had been identified as a potential threat by British intelligence but was ignored until he murdered 22 innocent people, mostly young women, at Manchester Arena on May 22.

While initial mainstream media reports dismissed Abedi as a “long wolf,” British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said it’s likely he was not acting alone.

While some neighbors described Salman Abedi as a brooder who looked like the “face of hate,” others said he seemed like a normal 22-year-old student who loved video games and soccer. After signing up for business classes in 2014, classmates said he suddenly stopped coming to class in 2016, the Daily Mail reported.

A turning point for Abedi came in 2011, when his father suddenly left the family to fight in Libya. Since then, Salman and his brother Ismail Abedi starting glorifying ISIS and the fight in Syria on social networks. Ismail, 23, and three others have since been arrested in connection with the attack.

A friend said Abedi’s mother and father are in Libya right now. “His parents are in Libya at the moment, they seem to go backwards and forwards a lot,” he said. “I’m shocked.”

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim reformer, said he isn’t surprised that Salman Abedi was an ISIS sympathizer and was part of a terrorist network. Jasser said Muslim terrorists rarely act alone, so the media needs to stop dismissing them as “lone wolves.”

“The denial needs to stop,” Jasser told Fox News. “We need to have a revolution against political Islam. We need to wake up. We have a problem. The problem is theocratic Islamism.”