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Hannity Makes ‘Huge Announcement,’ Addresses Seth Rich Controversy and Future with Fox News

Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed that he will no longer be talking about reports linking the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich to his unconfirmed communication with WikiLeaks.

Hannity said he came to the decision after being in “contact” with the Rich family.

He also claimed that Media Matters was trying to “silence” him by going after his advertisers with boycotts. However, Hannity asserted that he would continue to do his show as long as Fox News wants him at the network.

Hours before his 10 p.m. show aired, Hannity teased a “huge announcement” on “Seth Rich, Trump/Russia Collusion, corrupt media, the liberal effort to silence” him, and his “future” at Fox News.

Hannity previously made cryptic comments after the departure of Bill Shine, who served as co-president of Fox News after the ousting of Roger Ailes. In an April tweet, Hannity suggested Shine leaving Fox News would be the “total end of FNC as we know it.”

That led to speculation that Hannity may be “negotiating” an exit from FOx News after Shine left the network, but a source close to Hannity said the rumors weren’t true. Hannity’s tease on Tuesday reignited rumors that he could be announcing his departure from Fox News, but it is now clear that he plans to stay.

Hannity faced scrutiny for promoting reports that suggested links between the murder of Rich and his unconfirmed communications with WikiLeaks.

Rich’s own brother on Tuesday pleaded with Hannity to stop promoting the “conspiracy.”

Fox News has been in turmoil in recent months. Shortly after Megyn Kelly left and Ailes was pushed out, the network fired Bill O’Reilly among multiple sexual harassment allegations.

Hannity did post a follow-up tweet after his announcement show on Tuesday night: