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Tomi Lahren’s T-Shirt Picture Triggers All Sorts of Responses, Which is Exactly What She Wanted

Tomi Lahren retweeted a photo of herself wearing a “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt that stirred all sorts of controversy, as intended.

The caption accompanying the photo read: “Retweet this picture of @TomiLahren to trigger your friendly neighborhood snowflake into oblivion :).”

Before being fired by BlazeTV, Lahren did a segment with the founder of “Black Guns Matter,” Maj Toure who offered his reasoning on why it does matter.

The goal was to educate people in urban communities about their 2ndAmendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training and education.

Toure was quick to retweet a similar photo:

As always, the reaction on Twitter was a mix between hate and admiration.

Here is a small sampling of response from Twitter: