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President Trump’s Handshake with Foreign Leader Goes Viral, Has Trump’s Infamous Technique Been Defeated?

President Donald Trump recently met with world leaders in Saudi Arabia, but his interaction with Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon is what’s making the rounds on social media.

Much has been made of Trump’s handshake techniques. His is firm and tends to last longer than the average handshake. Some people argue that Trump’s handshake is a power move, intended to exert his authority over whomever’s hand is clasped inside of his.

Well, the president of Tajikistan seemed to have studied up on Trump’s technique because, as CNN’s Chris Cillizzz noted, the two men had a “handshake to end all handshakes.”

Take a look:

You can see President Trump bring the foreign leader’s hand toward his body – but then Tajikistan President Rahmon responds the same way, with a firm tug. It at least seemed that neither of the men was going to concede in this little tug of war.

What do you think of the infamous Trump handshake.