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Liberals Concerned About Muslims’ Feelings After Manchester Bombs Kill 22

The news has been dominated with the suicide bombing that happened at an Ariana Grande concert, which took the lives of 22 people and injured at least 59. Authorities say the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber followed by a nail bomb explosion.

This all leads to this being a terrorist attack, but despite this, there are liberals on Twitter that are far more concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslim people, than they are about the hurt that the victims’ and families are going through right now.

Just take a look at some of these people where they are posting against “racism and xenophobia” that are hurting their feelings every time they see it in response to the attack.

The manchester tag is making me sick, the amount of racism and bullshit people are spouting when they dont know ANYTHING. — POSER (@codyfrostmusic) May 22, 2017

While you’re all refreshing your timelines waiting for updates from Manchester, use your time to report racist and racially abusive tweets. — Michelle Sammet (@michellesammet) May 22, 2017

Can CNN boot the talking head speculating about Muslim immigration to Europe and the incident in Manchester?

For the people abusing Muslims in regards to #Manchester put your racism & xenophobia away. A lot of the people helping children are Muslim.

— Adam Joseph (@AdamJosephSport) May 22, 2017

@simonisrael Please don’t retweet Jack Buckby, Simon. He’s a former
BNP man using the Manchester incidents to incite war on Islam

— Duncan Geddes (@geddesduncan) May 23, 2017