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“Comey Memos” Turned Out to be a Whole Lot of Nothing, Liberals Are Losing It Over….

On Tuesday, The New York Times claimed President Donald Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey “to sit down the federal investigation” into former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s contacts with the Russian and Turkish governments.

According to the writer of the story, Michael Schmidt, the exchange was written down in a memo by Comey after a meeting with Trump.

But this is all alleged as Schmidt didn’t so much as read the memo but his source saw it and vouchsafed for its authenticity. But he didn’t remember the exact wording.

Schmidt revealed this during an interview on MSNBC with Brian Williams when The Times reporter was asked about his sources.

“We’d been working — I’d been working on a story for the past few days about the fact that Comey had written these,” Schmidt said. “We thought that was pretty significant in and of (itself).”

“And then in the process of pushing on those doors this morning, I learned more about one of these memos. And someone who had seen them recounted details to me.

“We felt comfortable with those details,” he added.

You can see the interview below:

Simply put, this is all based on very loosely related and difficult to trust sources of information. There is about as much evidence that Donald Trump asked James Comey to shut down the Flynn investigation as anything else you could randomly find on the internet.

There is no proof that this memo exists in the form the source says it does or whether it doesn’t.

However, until it is seen under subpoena, these memos should be taken with a great deal of skepticism.