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Watson: Massive Riots this Summer if Trump Doesn’t Do One of Two Things

Paul Joseph Watson, affiliated with Infowars, is as brash as he is incisive. If you like your political commentary conservative, straightforward, and in the face liberals, he’s going to appeal to you. There is nothing timid about this guy, and it’s obvious that he’s looking for a fight with the enemy.

In a recent video report aired by Infowars, Watson lays out the case that there are coordinated efforts underway by elements of the Deep State to remove Donald Trump from the presidency regardless of the cost or the damage that might do to the country. He cites a number of observable efforts, and reminds us that with the intelligence services involved, much of what is happening flies under the radar of public scrutiny.

We’ve seen calls on the floor of the House by Democrats for the president’s impeachment, calls which have been echoed by the liberal media.

He and his administration have been accused of not only colluding with Russia during the campaign, but of passing secrets to Russian officials once he took office, all with the shakiest of evidence.

He has been accused of attempting to influence investigations by the FBI, and for firing its director for political purposes. Again, not only is evidence lacking, but such accusations are so filled with hypocrisy given the actions of Obama and Clinton that they are sickening.

Watson opines that the Deep State will stop at nothing to accomplish its goal. He proposes that either President Trump must truly “drain the swamp” by purging all vestiges of the Obama administration, and go on the attack against forces in the Deep State that are dedicated to using lies to undermine him, whether they are located in Congress, the media, or the intelligence community.

The alternative, according to Watson, is violence on the streets this summer that is orchestrated, funded, and promoted by leftist interests that would destroy the country if necessary to stop this presidents’ agenda.