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Sec. of Interior Catch Karen Pence Off Guard, Swings Her Around with Serious Dance Moves

Vice President Mike Pence won’t have dinner with another woman, but his can cut loose with some serious dance moves with another man.

The Pences were at a campaign rally in Montana on Friday for U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte.

But before the vice president finished his remarks, Ryan Zinke, who serves as Secretary of the Interior, grabbed Karen Pence and spun her around.

Zinke is the former Navy SEAL who came to his first day of work at the White House riding a horse.

But on this night, he grabbed Mrs. Pence and danced around in a series of line-dance moves to the delight of the crowd.

Mrs. Pence appeared to be stunned by the move but the vice president found it entertaining, judging by the high five and hug he gave Zinke afterwards.

You can check out their dance moves in the video below: