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Cops Call Her the Worst Mom They’ve Ever Met, Takes Her Kids Away from Her

After a Wisconsin woman was caught prostituting herself out to local men, she has been accused of neglecting her six children. Her neighbors were watching her as she brought strange men into the chicken coop and serviced them while her children went hungry back inside the home.

27-year-old Sarah M. Bradehoft has been charged with child neglect causing bodily harm, second-degree reckless endangerment of safety and three counts of prostitution to boot.The Polk County Circuit Court will hold her trial, the Duluth Tribune reported.

Via AWM:

Investigators allegedly had no idea that Bradehoft was engaging in illegal activity. At least they didn’t until an undercover officer tipped off the rest of the investigators. She had allegedly posted a prostitution ad on Backpage.com offering sex for money. When the officer responded and set up a date, he confirmed her identity and exposed her duplicitous life of crime.

The officer then learned that Bradehoft was a mother and had been neglecting her six children while she performed sex acts for money. This evidence allowed the police to get a search warrant, which they used to enter her property and review her information on the computer.

Investigators learned that Bradehoft was new to Wisconsin. Her family members told them that she had moved to Wisconsin from Florida back in 2016. She had earned money to feed her six children by prostituting herself at night while the kids slept.

Bradehoft was not cooperative with investigators until they told her that she was being charged with child neglect. That broke her heart and she broke down in tears. That’s when she admitted that she had been engaging in prostitution. She told the investigators that she would bring her paying male customers back into a modified chicken coop to earn her living.

Not one of Bradehoft’s children are over the age of 10. And after lab test results came back, investigators revealed that one of her children had been exposed to repeated cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine use. She has not commented on this drug abuse yet.

Because of the evidence stacked against her, her six children have been removed from her custody. Authorities have shared that Bradehoft began her prostitution ring because she “simply needed money.”

With unemployment rates in Wisconsin at 4 percent as of December 2016, it seems almost impossible that she could not find a better job that being a prostitute. Unemployment rates were highest in Wisconsin at about 2010 when they were a staggering 9.2 percent. Now that they have been more than halved, it seems like getting a job is easier than ever.

Although unemployment has dropped starkly since the heights back during the Great Recession, more than 5,928 people were arrested for prostitution in Wisconsin between 2001 and 2010.