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Amid Trump’s Turmoil, Mike Pence Does Something No Vice President Has Ever Done

It has often been said that the next election cycle begins the day after the last one. It’s been said because it is true. As is the case, perhaps, with Vice President Mike Pence’s launch of the “Great America Committee” Political Action Committee (GAC PAC) – with an eye on both 2018 and 2020.

As reported by WRTV-6 in Indianapolis, Pence “quietly” filed paperwork with the Federal Election Committee on Wednesday to form the PAC. And as reported by NBC News, the filing is the first time in history that a sitting vice president has formed his own PAC.

This is not to suggest that Pence is anything but a loyal soldier to President Donald Trump. To the contrary, Mr. Pence has supported the boss through thick and thin – including during the Trump-Pence campaign’s most trying times.


The GAC PAC will “accept funds to help pay for Pence’s travel costs for various fundraisers for Republican House and Senate candidates. But it could also help Pence build a network of political donors if he decides to run for president himself one day.”

That day may come sooner than many think. If the world of politics in today’s day and age has taught us anything, it’s best to never to say never.