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Man Gets License Plate Revoked by DMV After They Find ‘Hidden Message’

Earlier this year, after 25 years, a man had his license plate taken away. His name was on the plate but transportation says it could be considered ‘offensive’ to some. Now this is happening in Teas as well.

Via Who TV:

He’s had it for three years. Now, a Texas driver is being told to hand over his license plate, or it will be suspended. The state has deemed the plate unacceptable.

There are more than 120,000 personalized license plates available in Texas. Safeer Hasaan has had one on his Lamborghini for the last three years, according to KPRC. It reads, “370h55V.”

The problem is the state says this puzzling alpha-numeric jumble is no longer acceptable. They told him, “It has been determined that the personalization is offensive.”

Haven’t figured it out why this plate could be considered offensive? How about when we flip it over? You’re now looking at a blurred out cuss word, and it took the state some time to reach the conclusion.

Here’s the rule for revocation: “Would it invoke a response from other drivers that would be driving past that vehicle.”

If you turn it upside down, it spells a**hole, which is silly but it doesn’t deserve to be revoked because of it.

As the story goes, a local Canadian government withdrew a man’s personalized vehicle license plate, saying Grabher’s surname is offensive to women who saw his car bumper.

Mr. Grabher explained that he has had the plates for decades. He put his last name on one as a gift for his late father’s birthday, but now he says the province’s refusal to renew the plate late last year is unfair. He feels that the govenrment is discriminating against him because of his last name.