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Interview Has Protesters Wanting Obama Back, But Wait Until You Find Out Why….

Protesters at an event on May Day in Los Angeles struggled to come up with reasons why they missed former President Barack Obama.

Filmmaker Austen Fletcher captured the difficult some Obama supporters  experience when they tried to defend the former president.

When Fletcher asked a couple of protesters what their favorite thing about Obama was, they went blank.

Another man tried to sound like he knew what he was talking about, but failed to actually provide any reason for actually missing Obama.

“He’s such a supportive person … when you see him talking to people, he actually cares,” he said. This man also said that Obama was more “relatable” to the average person.

However, when asked about the bombs that Obama dropped on Syria, the man admitted that he didn’t keep track of that. Actually, it is unfortunate that liberals don’t think it’s important to keep up with such things.

Another man agreed with Fletcher about how Obama did nothing for Chicago, but still felt the need to insult President Trump before admitting that he was going to get high.