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Appointment of Former FBI Director to Head Russia Investigation Leads Many to One Conclusion

After the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel in the FBI’s Russian counter-intelligence investigation, many believe that it spells big trouble for President Donald Trump.

The reaction was furious and instant, leading to a top-trending hashtag on Twitter almost immediately.

Many saw the similarities between Mueller and Comey as an ill omen for the Trump administration:

A New York Times correspondent noted that Comey and Mueller were allies:

They both threatened to resign over warrantless surveillance in 2004:

Many believe Mueller is an experienced and stable hand to lead the investigation:

When Comey replaced Mueller as FBI Director, Obama had positive things to say about Mueller’s leadership:

This all leads to many thinking that President Trump could be in trouble:

But a Washington Post writer unearthed on potential issue:

Then there’s this from ABC News:

While there are a lot of Americans who are getting way ahead of themselves with impeachment talk, it is apparent that Mueller has been an ally of Comey historically, and the Special Counsel announcement has taken many people by surprise.