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ABC Executives Get Some Bad News After Cancelling ‘Last Man Standing’

Fans of the show are starting to fight back after ABC cancelled their comedy series “Last Man Standing.”

The scandal refused to abate when ABC announced its 2017-2017 lineup, in hopes of bouncing back after a poor showing for their 2016-2017 season. But ABC can’t avoid the anger over cancelling “Last Man Standing,” which even took Tim Allen by surprise.

The show was ABC’s second-highest rated sitcom, just behind “Modern Family” with 8.1 million viewers.

Many quickly believed that it was due to politics. While “Modern Family” is an overwhelmingly liberal, progressive show, “Last Man Standing” featured a conservative character, played by a conservative actor. ABC’s entertainment president, Channing Dungey, tried in vain to convince viewers that the decision was not based on politics. “Once we made the decision not to continue with comedy on Friday, it was just kind of that’s where we landed,” she insisted. But it did little to abate the controversy.

Now, fans are responding. A petition was launched to save the show from cancellation, and already, it’s garnered over 200,000 signatures. “Last Man Standing stands out in the sea of network television sitcoms,” petition author Deputy Matt wrote. “It is a show that appeals to a broad swath of Americans who find very few shows that extol the virtues with which they can identify; namely conservative values.”

“Last Man Standing is one of the only shows on broadcast television, and the only sitcom, that is not constantly shoving liberal ideals down the throats of the viewers. And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been cancelled,” he added.

More than likely, ABC will not save “Last Man Standing.” But other shows have been moved to new networks because of fan loyalty.